Maxim Energy Bar Trial Pack 8 bars

Maxim Energy Bar Trial Pack 8 bars

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8 different flavours Maxim Energy Bars in a trial pack.

Maxim Energy Bars contain 70% carbohydrates (fast and slow) and contain little fat. This makes the bars ideal for use both before and during the exercise. Pure energy from your back pocket.

It is important to keep the stock of carbohydrates up to standard beforehand so that you only have to supplement during the competition or training. Carbohydrates are the most important building materials. The carbohydrate supply in your muscles is limited. A 55 gram bar contains short and long carbs and gives your body energy for 60-90 minutes.

During the effort: Fill your lost energy while exercising with an Energy Bar. They are easy to eat and easily digestible. The combination of fast and slow carbohydrates ensures a constant energy supply.

Daily use: Energy bars are a good alternative to candy bars, since they have a lower fat and higher carbohydrate content. Energy Bars are available individually, packaged in aluminum foil.

There are 8 flavours in this package: Banana Yogurt, Cappuccino, Apple Cinnamon, Crunchy Cookie, Caramel Chocolate, Banana Chocolate, Sweet & Salty and Oats, Almonds and Salty Nuts.

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