Maxim 40% Protein Bar Salty Caramel 50g

Maxim 40% Protein Bar Salty Caramel 50g

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Protein bar with caramel and seasalt 50g

Maxim has developed some unique protein bars. The tasteful bars contain only 160 kcal and as much as 20 grams of protein per bar. An ideal bar for those who want a lot of protein but want to avoid unnecessary sugars. Ideal after a (hard) training or match and as a healthy snack. Because the bar contains a lot of protein and low sugar you do not get an insulin peak, which keeps your blood sugar levels stable for a longer period of time.

Strong is the new slim

Proteins are the major building materials for a strong body and stimulate (fat) combustion. It is therefore important to eat enough protein daily. If you find it difficult to get enough protein (and few fats and sugars) through normal food then a protein bar is a great addition. The fibers are important for healthy digestion and intestinal flora and quickly give a saturated feeling. The high protein level and the extra fiber make the bar very nutritious and suitable for recovery as well as a healthy snack during the day. In addition to the sporty target group, Maxim responds to the growing need for healthy and nutritious convenience food with these protein bars.

Available in the flavours:

Crispy Brownie, Soft Raspberry, Salty Caramel, Mint & Chocolate (Lactose Low), Coconut & Lime (Lactose Low), Chocolate Hazelnut (Lactose Low) and Peanut Jelly (high fibers).

More Information

Protein blend (milk protein, soy protein, hydrolysed wheat gluten), caramel flavoured layer (20%) (bulking agent (polydextrose), soy oil, skimmed milk powder, sweeteners (xylitol, sucralose), emulsifier (soy lecithin), salt, flavourings), milk chocolate with sweetener (18%) (sweetener (maltitol), cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier (soy lecithin), flavorings), gelatin hydrolysate, humectant (glycerol), soy crisps 4.0% (soy protein, tapioca starch, salt), cocoa butter, soy oil, low fat cocoa, sea salt, flavourings, salt, sweetener (sucralose), emulsifier (soy lecithin).


Milk, lactose, soy and gluten. May contain traces of egg, peanuts, nuts (walnuts, pecan nuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, brazil nuts, pistachio nuts and almonds and sesame seeds.


energy: 1465 kJ (351 Kcal)
fat: 12 grams
of which saturated: 5,9 grams
carbohydrates: 23 grams
of which sugars: 3,6 grams
polyols: 18 grams
fibers: 12 grams
protein: 40 grams
salt: 1,3 grams

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