Maxim Energy Gel Orange Taste with caffeine 100g

Maxim Energy Gel Orange Taste with caffeine 100g

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Carbohydrate gel for use during excersice. Orange flavour

Maxim Instant Energy Gels are the first energy gels with a unique carbohydrate ratio based on improved body absorption. They contain an optimal carbohydrate ratio of 2: 1 maltodextrin-fructose. This provides both fast carbohydrates for immediate energy and slow carbohydrates for log-term energy.


Maxim Instant Energy Gel 100 grams is packed in a resealable bag with screw cap. 1 bag of 100 grams contains 3 servings and contains 63 carbohydrates for 60 minutes of energy.

When to use:

Ideal on the way to the final when your body needs an extra energy boost. 1 bag contains 100 grams of gel for 3 servings (supplies 60 minutes of energy). Every 20-30 minutes you take 1 dose (1/3 pack). For optimal absorption of the gel, we recommend to drink 2-3 sips of water or sports drink after ingestion of the gel.

Also available in flavors:

Strawberry / Magnesium and Orange / Caffeine

More Information

Maltodextrin (43%), fructose (20%), water, vitamins (B1, niacin, pantothenic acid, B6, biotin, B12, C, E), guaranazate extract (0.16%), caffeine citrate (0.12%), flavoring , acidity regulator (citric acid E330), preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate).


Maxim Instant Energy Gel Orange and Caffeine does not contain any allergens (mentioned on the ALBA-list).


Per 100 grams:

energy: 1046kJ (250 Kcal)
fat: 0 grams
of which saturated: 0 grams
carbohydrates: 63grams
of which sugars: 20 grams
fibers: 0 grams
protein: 0 grams
salt: 0 grams
caffeine: 84 milligrams

thiamine (B1): 0,33 milligrams (30% ADH)
niacin: 4,8 milligrams (30% ADH)
pantothenic acid: 1,8 milligrams (30% ADH)
vitamin B6: 0,42 milligrams (30% ADH)
biotin: 15 micrograms (30% ADH)
vitamin B12: 0,75 micrograms (30% ADH)
vitamin C: 24 milligrams (30% ADH)
vitamin E: 3,6 milligrams (30% ADH)

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