Maxim Power Gel Drink is a fresh Gel Drink; more effective and less sweet than the regular energy gels. In other words: less sugar and more energy! It is the ideal ready-made solution that provides you with both fast and slow energy for more than 60 minutes. Easy to use and ideally dosed in a handy resealable package. Maxim Power Gel Drink = 3 regular isotonic gels.

Power Gel Drink contains two sources of energy in one mix.
The main energy provider is maltodextrin, a slow carbohydrate for long-lasting energy. Maltodextrin is hydrolysed wherefore it is absorbed better and easier in the body. Maltodextrin is a glucose polymer; that is, it provides your gut with glucose molecules but with a slightly slower absorption than glucose. Maltodextrin is a fantastic energy source and is friendly to your stomach. In addition, maltodextrin is neutral in taste and does not give an extreme insulin peak, wherefore your blood level remains stable for longer.

The second energy source is isomaltulose, also a glucose polymer for sports enthusiasts. Isomaltulose provides your muscles with the same amount of energy per gram as regular sugar (4 kcal/g) and it is also converted in the same way in your body. But ... it is hydrolyzed and absorbed 4-5 times faster by your intestines. This is due to the stronger binding of the glucose and fructose components.

Also ideal for indoor and field sports
Isotonic energy gels have a broad user group and are no longer only known among cyclists and runners. Energy gels are now the favorite energy booster for many athletes. For example, tennis players use Maxim Power Gel Drink instead of a banana and many footballers and hockey players use it during the break to quickly refuel new energy. Strength athletes also use Power Gel Drink during strength training to train harder.